Red Bartlett, Beurré D`Anjou and Packham's Triumph varieties for export.

Regarding apples, 100% of the production of Red Delicious variety goes to the Argentine market. We export 100% of the Royal Gala and Granny Smith varieties.

We can be found in Europe, in the following countries: Germany, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Italy, England, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France and Portugal.


In America our products are marketed in Peru, Brazil, Canada and the United States.

We are also in Africa, exporting to Algeria.

In recent years we have supplied Bocchi Expofrut S.A., Univeg Expofrut S.A., Patagonian Fruit Trade S.A. and Dole, among other clients, as export producers and packers.

Our standardized packaging for pears and apples are: