In the heart of the Patagonia, towards the northwest of Rio Negro province and 256 meters above sea level, is Allen, one of the most important citys of the Upper Valley.

Limay and Neuquén rivers water Upper Valley lands, as both rivers meet in the northwest of Rio Negro province and form the Negro River. This important water body irrigates lands that are highly suitable for intensive fruit growing.

Allen city has been chosen to host the headquarters of Terruño de la Patagonia S.A., an enterprise resulting from a long family tradition begun in 1947 by Antonio Francisco Martínez and his brothers.



Today, this company is the result of the effort and tenacity of three generations dedicated to grow, produce and commercialize high quality fruits.

We have a conscious attitude towards caring for the environment. There fore our products are certified for both export and the domestic market with the international protocols of GLOBAL GAP (Good Agricultural Practices).


We have a packing center with capacity to process 49,000 kilos per day and a cold storage building with an area of 3,600 square meters and a storage capacity of 5,500,000 kilos. The building has 8 rooms: 5 of them are conventional refrigerated chambers, 2 are controlled atmosphere chambers and 1 works as a cooling tunnel chamber. This way, our production reaches 10,000,000 kilos per year.

The objective of Terruño de la Patagonia S.A. is to bring our products near the largest possible number of customers, offering them the best service, quality and price conditions.




72 years of history and perseverance support us. Our relentless efforts and our desire to excel allow us to see a horizon full of achievements.

All of this can be translated in a single concept, the same that guided our founders: quality.

Quality in the cultivation, quality in the products, quality in the service and quality in the attention of our clients.

This is Terruño de la Patagonia S.A directed by Carlos Martinez, Engineers Emanuel Martinez and Manolo Zec, grandsons of Antonio Martinez.